Queens Chapter


Welcome to the web page of the Queens Chapter of the New York State Society for Clinical Social Work.  It was recognized, shortly after the Society secured its certificate of incorporation in 1970.  In order for the Society to grow and to promote greater participation of its members,  it was necessary to diversify beyond Manhattan into local chapters.  The Queens Chapter is proud to say it was the first chapter to be so established and to provide a nurturant and comfortable home for experienced and new clinicians, in both agency and private practice.  Queens members have provided leadership for the State Society, serving as State Presidents, Officers, Committee Chairs, and representation in national clinical social  work organizations.  The Society’s Family Practice and the Arts and Creativity Committees were each established under sponsorship by Queens members which also sponsored  improved revenue sharing to support local chapters.  Our members teach at schools of social work and institutes, have clinically supervised in agency and private practice,  and  have  been honored as distinguished practitioners in the  National Academy of Practice in Social Work.   We  eagerly invite new professionals to join our chapter and to mutually invigorate the clinical work that is dear to us.

The Chapter meets 6-8 times during the academic year from September to June on Sunday mornings at Queens Hospital Center at 82-68 164th Street, Conference Room A540, Jamaica, NY 11432.  Street parking is available nearby.  At 9:30 a.m., Board meetings begin, while 11:00 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. provides an opportunity for networking and socialization among members and newcomers. Typically we reserve from  11:30 a.m.-to 1 p.m. for scheduled presentations on topics of interest to clinicians, including practice challenges and issues.  Be sure to check the details of any given workshop as this schedule can vary.   At our Board meetings current news affecting the NYSSCSW and our members, which include reports from the committee chairs,  are shared and discussed while member feedback is encouraged and solicited for improved chapter functioning and for feedback to other chapters.   All Queens Chapter members are invited to our Board Meetings. The State Board meets five times a year in NYC.  All are welcome also..  We have an annual conference each year, hold an annual brunch to solicit new members and reacquaint those unable to attend regularly with active participants.

We welcome your attendance at our meetings, educational presentations, conferences and, most importantly, your comments, ideas and suggestions about what would be most helpful to you in your practice  of clinical social work, whether in agency, part-time or full-time practice.

Please check the NYSSCSW website for current information about our meetings, educational programs and other activities.


Lynne O’Donnell, MSW, LCSW-R
(718) 318-1693
[email protected]

Carol A. D’Andrea, MSW, LCSW-R
(718) 224-2253
[email protected]

Allen A. Du Mont, MSW, LCSW-R, BCD, SFNAP
(718) 224-4886
[email protected] .net




The Education Committee plans, organizes and implements the Chapter’s educational programs. We are eager to hear your requests, suggestions, proposals to help develop programs that are meaningful and helpful to you.

Lisa Laudante, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW-R
(516) 770-6143
[email protected]


The Membership Committee works to attract and solicit new members to join the Society, to provide opportunities for networking, to spread the word about the benefits of membership and collegial relationships.  Chapter member-recruiters are crucial to the success of  this important work.

Bianca Kattan, LCSW
(917) 579-5752
[email protected]

Rebecca Gruia
(646) 491-0473
[email protected]


Hanna Turken - Chair
[email protected]


The Mentorship Committee provides opportunities for recent MSW graduates and MSW members who are early in their careers to receive support, guidance and information that will assist their professional development in their careers as clinical social workers. Groups are forming.  Those interested should call.

Carol D’Andrea, LCSW
(718) 224-2253
[email protected]


The Vendorship Committee  provides information and consultation to assist members in dealing with managed care and vendorship issues.  The chairperson is a member of the Society’s Vendorship Committee which collates and organizes the Society’s  vendorship related activities.

Shirley Sillekens, MSW, LCSW, BCD
(718) 527-3923
[email protected]


Our peer consultation group meets once a month in the home or office of one of its members.  The group members discuss cases, provide support and suggestions, and exchange information on a variety of issues related to our clinical practices. Our  group is currently full.  However if you are interested in forming another group,  please contact Carol D'Andrea at [email protected] or 718-224-2253.